¥  Our mission is to provide the community with a service that is second to none.



¥  Our goal is a ‘well informed’ client, confident in their decision.



¥   We attempt to accomplish our mission by providing our customers with the information necessary to ease the stresses of real estate transactions.



¥   Our promise is to better inform our customers by involving them in the inspection process as much as practical.



¥   We will always use the ‘straight forward’ approach in our reports.



¥   We will avoid superfluous information to justify our service or to confuse our customers.



¥   We will conduct a thorough, in depth examination of all components and not ‘cut corners’ to save time or work.



¥  We will insure that each of our clients receive the same personal service to provide an in depth understanding of the structure.



¥  We will never try to sell a product that is not needed.



¥  We will always be available to solve misunderstood issues and attempt to rectify.